Is it spirituality or is it science? Both are really seeking the answers to the same question, but in different ways. They are both here to find the hidden laws of nature, the higher power that created everything, and use their discoveries to better the lives of others. One of the many goals of scientists today is to discover how creation came into being, and how human beings came into being…but why? Deep inside humans is a desire to prove the existence of a force that brought us into creation. Few are satisfied with the theory that we were just a random accident, combustion of cosmic dust. Secretly, in every heart lies the desire to have proof that there is an energy, force, light God whatever you want to call it, and our soul, a part of God. Is the proof already here though and we just can not see. There is a force, an energy that is inside you that permeates everything. That energy is as real as gravity, electricity, magnetism…we turn on a light switch and light comes on, that is the expectation, science proved it, and it always works. We do not need to see the electricity, the result, seeing the light, is the proof. The same gravity that kept your feet on the floor this morning when you got out of bed is the same gravity that kept me on the floor. We both got up our feet hit the floor and we did not float to the ceiling. We did not need to see gravity, the result of staying on the ground was the proof of the force being there. We all are affected by these “forces” no one doubts them, but yet we doubt this power that is inside us that is equally as real. This power inside you has created your entire world, and the proof of its existence is the results of your life so far, while maybe not scientific, that proof is as real as turning on a light. So why does my life look different from your life if that same energy permeates everything equally? That is the gift. You have access to an unlimited energy source that will produce anything you want…or believe you deserve. You have a body a mind and a soul. The mind thinks about stuff…like I am hungry and will consciously tell your body to go eat. You might say get up off the couch to yourself but then walking to the fridge that just happens you don’t need to explain to yourself how to walk every time you want to go get something. You have learned how to walk and you know you can do it, you do not doubt that for a second, that is your subconscious, the things you make happen without thinking about it. Now when you were a baby, you thought about that a lot, you tried and tried you got up and you fell and got up, fell, cried, tried again, never doubting you could do it or calling yourself an idiot in baby babble because you can not walk yet. You consciously thought about what you wanted, you tried, you learned and eventually your subconscious took over and did it for you. So that same principle can work in every aspect in your life. What you repeatedly think about, focus on, believe, eventually your subconscious will make happen for you. And this power is literally unlimited but can work both ways. So repeated negative talk will begin teaching your subconscious that you can’t do something, or you aren’t good enough, or you will never have XYZ. Then you notice things happening that prove you were right. You don’t get that job, or so and so breaks up with you, or you were passed up on that promotion and see nothing ever works out for me…but in reality you are creating it. Immediately changing every negative thought that slips into your consciousness, to a positive one you can begin to get that force to achieve the things you want instead of what you don’t, just believe in them just like you knew you would walk. Kids are the BEST positive thinkers and can accomplish great things if we adults don’t get in the way. That don’t say “I wish or I hope one day” the say “I am going to…and I want (meaning I am getting it yesterday). Focusing on the things you want and being specific with you goals will help your subconscious find the solutions. People and situations will begin to present themselves that may not make sense at the time but if the attitude is right and the energy is right then trust the process. You might fall down a few times and skin your knee. Making mistakes is part of learning, opportunity is often disguised as a problem, it’s not failing. You can only really fail if you quit. Take every situation especially ones that seem at the time bad and ask what can I learn from this, how can I grow how can I be better, find something positive even when it seems impossible. Many of you that have been coming to my office for a long time know that my dad killed himself. Nothing positive in that…but I needed to grow or learn something from that to be ok. What I learned was you always think you have more time, and you don’t, so don’t leave thing “unsaid” if that’s a word. I hate the saying “live each day like its your last” because its probably not and I feel like it alludes to being irresponsible. You should live each day your best because you do not get much time here and you should make every day a magical blessing and the you have the power to create that starting right now.