Stefanie Maass

Stefanie Maass


Stefanie Maass, PhD., ENP-C, FNP-C, FAARM, MEP-C is the owner, operator and Medical Director of Scottsdale Skin and Holistic Health with 20 years in the aesthetics industry and 25 years in the healthcare industry. Stefanie’s doctorate is in Natural Health and Nutrition, she is a Certified Spiritual Guide and an Ordained Minister. Stefanie is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner and Family Nurse Practitioner and is a nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician. Stefanie completed a Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine).

Stefanie has extensive training in all cosmetic procedures from minimally invasive to minor surgical and has taught cosmetic injection across the US and Canada.
Stefanie’s passion has always been to help others whether that be the inside or the outside or balancing the two, helping patients feel more beautiful, healthy and confident. Even though her degrees express her knowledge, she is always educating herself with newly emerging techniques and products to compliment her list of services. When not working in her own clinic you can often find Stefanie for in the helping other patients in the emergency department or urgent care setting.

When not working, teaching, or in school herself, she spends her time with her two children Otto and Ivi, her husband Eric (Co-owner and practice manager), and riding/jumping her Gypsy horses.

Alina Vitrenko

Alina Vitrenko

Skin Specialist, CLT, MA

Originally from Ukraine, Alina has worked in Europe as a skin specialist and laser technician since 2015. After moving to Texas in 2017 she founded her own company Permanent Beauty Group (PBG). She has been working in the beauty industry most of her life, from her time as an international model to now, where she focuses on providing world class esthetics solutions, taught by some of the most renowned masters in Europe.

Alina loves working with people and making them happier with the help of extensive knowledge and skills. After all, how nice it is to wake up in the morning already beautiful!

Alina continues to study further, regularly attend training events, conferences, seminars and master classes across the globe. As with any delicate service, one always needs to be aware of what is new on the market, what techniques, materials, and equipment to utilize. She is result driven and has a passion for beauty!
Jessica Spiczak

Jessica Spiczak

Managing Director, Skin Specialist, CLT, MA

Jessica is the smiling face at the front desk who joined Scottsdale Skin in 2022. She has 5 years of aesthetics experience providing top notch customer service for clients. It was when Jessica began working for a Plastic Surgeon as a medical assistant in 2018 that she quickly found her passion. She understands the importance of customer service and is passionate about working with her peers to help clients achieve their aesthetic goals.

Jessica is a Certified Clinical Nursing Assistant, Laser Technician and Ultherapy provider. Currently, Jessica is working on her Bachelor’s degree in nursing to pursue a career as a cosmetic injector.

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