Double Chins? Why do we have them how to get rid of them!

Double chins, definitely don’t do much to enhance your profile so how do we get rid of this thick neck look!

Double chin treatment aka sub-mental fat can be challenging even with weight loss it can still remain. Fullness under the chin can be quite distressing, and it is often difficult to reduce even with healthy diet and exercise. People of any age, men or women, may be bothered by submental fat.

An increase in submental fat is caused by a combination of factors, including genetics, aging, and weight gain. Submental fat can be particularly distressing because it creates the illusion that a person is overweight aged even if the rest of the body is in peak shape and youthful.

Double Chin Treatment

So what can you do if you got those lucky genetics and weight loss has not helped but minimally? There are four things when used alone or in combination I have seen work clinically and have also researched and documented to be effective. The combo is phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate (aka lipodissolve….Kybella is the Allergan version and is just deoxycholate), Ultherapy, which is micro-focused ultra sound which is FDA approved for lifting and tightening in the lower face (submental and neck area). A neurotoxin such as Botox to treat the muscle pulling down in the jowl area causing that “frown” face as well as the neck band which tend to pull down in the sub-mental area. Finally radio frequency micro-needling (ahhh you say micro needling I had that done it did nothing…this is NOT this same, RF micro needling is an aggressive treatment clinically proven tighten skin so great for the neck area as well as face (or just your whole body)! This combo essentially works by emulsifying fat (think like dawn dish soap in a greasy pan), then tighten and lifts the tissue and muscles underneath (Ultherapy) and preventing the muscles from pulling down in that sub-mental/neck area creating that heaviness (Botox). While the Botox or whatever neurotoxin you pick will need repeated ever 3-4 months the other treatments do work in permanent way at repairing tissue and eliminating fat cells but a series of 3-4 are typically needed at least for the Lipo-dissolve.