What are you doing with your time…?

Time passes anyway” one of my favorite things to say especially to my kid or others more youthful than myself when they want to do something but think it will take too long. It is really an important reminder to anyone regardless of age. Often time we have goals dreams aspirations, and we feel that it will take too long or we “don’t have the time”. I wish some one would have reminded me of this when I was younger it would have been a much more direct route to where I finally am. Well, who knows maybe I needed to climb all these hurdles to get here but regardless, time should never have been the excuse. Next year will be next year regardless of what we do during the next year. If you had set a goal for yourself, be it go back to school, write a book, spend more time with family lose weight, whatever…. time will pass anyway and this time next year you would have been that much closer to the goal if you had started today. This time next year you will think about this newsletter and say to yourself “ugh she was right; I wish I had started then…I might be done”. If the goal seems to monumental then break it down into smaller steps that are more realistic. When I decided I wanted to also work in the Emergency Department that goal seemed so far away that I really wasn’t even sure where to begin. Had someone told me yeah you will get there but you will spend the next four years working your but off I might have second guessed myself because “four years is too much time…right”? Well, the four years passed, and I am where I wanted to be, but it was one step at a time. I remember thinking I wanted to be a vet or doctor when was in college, but I didn’t want to commit to that much school, probably hard for those of you that know me to believe but I really did not like school. I have severe ADHD and hypothyroid, school was so hard for me… I couldn’t focus and was always tired and I never understood why. Hindsight a better understanding of my health, and the advice that time will pass anyway would have certainly helped. Regardless it is never too late, it doesn’t matter the goal. If your health is so poor right now, it’s hard to see the other side you can still change but start with a simple change today. If ultimately you want to lose 100lbs and reverse heart disease and diabetes and that seems so lofty it really is not. You can start with skipping a meal today and going for a walk instead. Tomorrow do it again and the next day. Taking the first step is the hardest but I promise you if you just take the step, the intention is a good one, and it doesn’t involve hurting other the universe will start guiding you in the direction need to go. Situation and people will present in your life that will help you so pay attention. These are coincidences, these clues that you are going the right. The fact that you are even reading this right now is a good clue you needed to hear it.

“The load you carry isn’t what breaks you, but how you carry it”

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