Who made a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight…? Is that not the standard New Year’s Resolution I think all the local Gyms are counting on you. Is it going to be just like last year…run like a hamster on a wheel, eat “healthy” lose 5 lbs. then plateau or give up? Well make this year different.

Many of you have already heard of Semaglutide and how people are dropping weight like crazy. I will admit I was hesitant to bring this into my practice because I am very much about lifestyle changes. However, this has been the bridge many people need to get over that weight loss hurdle and motivates them to make the changes to keep the weight off.

I have seen peoples body, attitude and with that their lives change for the better and it has been remarkable.

Another, “side effect” if you will, is in addition to not wanting to eat much, most people report an aversion to alcohol. While I am not a tee Toler, I rarely drink alcohol because it is in fact a poison and does nothing beneficial for you.  So in addition to helping people lose weight it is helping their health in other ways as well.  It is interesting that with alcohol, when someone stops there is a dramatic change I can see in their face. Less redness, less puffiness, less darkness under the eyes.

Literally I can see the changes in just one week!

So if you are interested in making some real changes this year and could use a little help call to schedule an appointment 480-419-6996