Xeomin vs Botox vs Jeuveau

Is Botox® Better than Xeomin™ & Jeuveau™?

Believe it or not you can actually build up antibodies to botulinum neurotoxin (aka BoNT). Well its not specifically the BoNT but its from a large protein complex from Clostridium botulinum and the clostridial proteins dissociate from the BoNT in the body but have no clinical effect other than to possible trigger an immune response ie build up antibodies to Botox ™.

Is Xeomin™ Better than Botox® & Jeuveau™?

This is where Xeomin might be useful if you are noticing you Botox is not working as good or lasting as long. Xeomin isolates the BoNT without the unnecessary clostridial proteins and possibly less antibody response.

Is Jeuveau™ Better than Xeomin™ & Botox®?

According to the maker of Jeuveau® , they use Hi-Pure technology, an advanced purification process designed to produce a highly purified form of botulinum with hopes of improved safety and efficacy This could make it a better option for people who have experienced sensitivities or allergic reactions to Botox®’s proteins. Jeuveau® was designed to be used only as a cosmetic treatment, it generally costs less than Botox®.Jeuveau® claims to have a faster onset, with some patients may see results within 24 hours, whereas Botox® may take up to two weeks.

Xeomin, Jeuveau™ and Botox treatments last about 3-4 months.

In Conclusion

Clinically they work the same and can be used in all the same area however, certain ones have specific indication and Botox also have medical uses that it is indicated for such as strabismus, TMJ, migraine, hyper-hydrosis, but know that you do have options other than just Botox.

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