New Weight Loss Options Including Semaglutide!

You all have been asking for it and I have hesitated to bring it in because I feel like weight loss is so much more complicated than just eat less and exercise more. I really feel that there is an emotional and psychological component to it that needs to be addressed. There is a ton of mis information out there regarding how and what to eat but even with that, most people know not eating will induce weight loss so addressing why they cannot stop is important. Semaglutide does work, and I feel if that motivates you to find a healthier lifestyle that will keep you going then it’s worth it! I do not like “quick fixes” for long term weight loss but if this helps with getting you motivated than let’s do it!

We have 3 available weight loss packages that include Semaglutide:

Package one includes your initial weight loss consultation and Semaglutide for $650/month depending on dosage you need.
Package 2 includes weight loss consultation, Semaglutide and 2 areas of PCDC (also known as Lipodissolve) for $800.
Package 3 includes weight loss consultation, Semaglutide with alternating Cool Sculpting and BTL Vanquish treatments.

Learn about PCDC,  Lipodissolve and Vanquish ME

As weight building muscles the more ways you attack it the better. The same holds true for breaking down fat, the more ways you attack it the better. Therefore, we are combining different modalities for fat loss by incorporating Semaglutide, fat emulsification with PCDP and alternating between hot and cool for destruction of fat cells.

With Love,

Dr. Stefanie Maass PhD, ENP-S,FNP, NREMT, FAARM, SC-C