BTL VANQUISH ME™ is the only contactless RF technology with the largest treatment area ensuring unrivaled level of patient comfort and safety.

Vanquish allows physicians to reduce the circumference of the entire abdominal area or tone the legs.

About BTL VANQUISH ME™ in Scottsdale

Coolsculpting vs Vanquish Me ResultsVanquish ME™ (Maximum Energy) is a pain-free, non-surgical method of body contouring and fat reduction that uses radio frequency to destroy stubborn fat. If your diet and exercise efforts have not produced the firm, toned body you desire, consider Vanquish ME™ body contouring, located in Scottsdale. Vanquish ME™ is non-invasive and requires no downtime. It is the most innovative form of Radiofrequency treatment for fat reduction currently available.

Maximize your weight loss efforts with body sculpting

During the body contouring session, a handheld RF laser is held over the target areas, never coming in direct contact with your skin. The device uses thermal energy to destroy stubborn fat, not your skin or muscles. Once the fat cells are destroyed, your body converts them to waste. You feel only a slight sensation of warmth while receiving your Vanquish ME™ treatment.

The advantage of using radio frequency is that it allows for a large amount of fat cell destruction in a single appointment. Most patients target fat cells in the abdominal, hips and waist areas.

What to expect from treatment with Vanquish ME™

At Scottsdale Skin & Holistic Health, patients often ask if this procedure is right for them. We recommend it for people who are slightly overweight despite strict adherence to a diet and exercise plan, for those who want to avoid surgery, and those who are looking for a more toned appearance. We will come up with a treatment plan that is right for you and by the end gives you the toned body you have been working for! For best results, we will schedule each session one week to 10 days apart. If you’re tired of having a love handle that is getting even harder to get rid of as you age, contact Scottsdale Skin & Holistic Health to request an appointment or consultation today!

We are proud to offer our clients a

We want you to feel comfortable at Scottsdale Skin & Holistic Health, so we offer a free consultation for you to discuss your treatment goals and desired results with us. We will work with you to create your personalized treatment plan.

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