Stef’s News-What is a Thread Lift?

What is the thread lift we hear about and see all the time now? Common question and there is a lot of confusion especially with all the questionable results around the older “thread lift”. So what are they and what do they do?

PDO Threads-What are They?

Polydioxanone Threads (PDO Threads) are absorbable threads that induce collagen production in the body. Depending on the type of PDO thread and injection technique, PDO Threads lift, tighten, or add volume to the area treated.

There are several types of threads

Smooth…these add volume by increasing collagen production that thickens and supports the skin. Usually these are injected in a mesh-like format to create three-dimensional volume. These can be injected just about anywhere in the face and work really well in those harder to treat skin issues such as fine lines that can look bumpy with fillers. Smooth threads can also work really well for achieving a small brow lift and even tightening up laxity in the neck!

Twists….they create targeted volume in the specific areas treated. For example redefining lip shape and add volume.

Barbs….these are the powerhouse of the threads. Barb threads lift and tighten the skin smoothly, by stimulating collagen to contract below the skin’s surface. These work great for pulling back the jowls, naso-labial folds, lifting the cheeks (including the buttocks)! When you hear “Thread Lift” this is what they are using!

Threads can also be using in conjunction with devices such as Ultherapy and RadioFrequency Micro-needling for superior results. Threads are fabulous instant gratification but like most instant gratification it doesn’t last so combining with a more reparative treatment such as those just mentioned gives you the “instant wow” while fixing you fix over time!