Getting what you want requires knowing what that is
You can’t manifest what you want if you do not know what you want…..

Maybe some of you are lucky enough to be living the life of your dreams and want for nothing. I hope that you all are. However, if you are still in the process of making your best life and you don’t know how or why all the manifesting business is not working for you, it could be you do not really know what you want. How silly, right of course you know what you want…you sure? Let us start with a few simple examples and I will break it down so hopefully this can help you narrow your focus and make it easier for you to focus on the right goals. Let’s say hypothetically you want to be “rich” well what does that mean to you? How much money is that? Let us say for example you want a million dollars and for you that would be rich. Ok…you get those million dollars it is now in your bank account, but you cannot spend it? Well, you say wait a minute I want the million because…. why? Do you want the million dollars because you want to invest it and make more money…then you are looking for security in the future. What if you say you want the million dollars because you want to be able to buy or pay off house, and a new car…then you want security in today, you want financial freedom? What if I could give you the house and the car but you cannot live in the house or drive the car…well that’s is silly you want the house, so you have a place to live and a way to drive to places you need to go. So, you want comfort, safety security and freedom. What if you could have the money the house the car, but you couldn’t spend the money live in house or drive the car, and no one would ever know you were a “millionaire” well what is the point then. The point is you don’t want the money the car the house what you really want is what you think those things represent to you. You can do this exercise with anything you want, maybe you think you want to get married. Well, you get married and then the spouse ends up being unfaithful or is an alcoholic well of course you do not want that! What you want is companionship, or maybe marriage would prove to yourself that you have value because “someone wants you”. This exercise can be an emotional one because when you take away the “thing” you think you want and dive into the why and the what it’s about, you can find some real insecurities. Another example, maybe getting XYZ job that’s what you really want. Well, what if you get that job but you don’t make any money. Or you get the job make the money but live alone forever. Do you want the job because of the status you think it will bring, the money you think it will bring or is it the actual satisfaction of doing that job. There is no shame in diving deep into you wants but if you find out the why sometimes you can simplify your goals. If ultimately you are looking for comfort security and companionship you can maybe start with smaller goals and the right intentions. So, when you start your day, and if your goal is financial security, ever intention should match that goal. Does spending money at Starbucks on a coffee you don’t need match that intention? If no, then don’t do it. If you goal is companionship, then does being snarky to the waitress at XYZ restaurant match that intention, no because she could be that companion or her sister or brother. Kindness to everyone is the only intention to match that goal. Write down just one goal, maybe it’s weight loss and what are your intentions to achieve that goal. An intention would be to skip breakfast, if you usually eat breakfast, (by the way skipping meals is not the Christ…. that eating 5-6 x a day was made up but the food industry to sell more food). Anyway, but ask yourself first your reason for wanting to lose weight, because if you’re not focused on the right reason, you won’t have the right matching intentions. When actions and intentions don’t match you are incongruent which not only keeps you from achieving goals but also leads to “dis-ease”. So, shave back the layers, think about what you truly want and….
Good luck manifesting your dreams!