Your brain the computer – download the life you want

Sounds like a title to a Matrix like movie doesn’t? Wouldn’t that be convenient and nice if it was true, but what if it is…? My belief is that is exactly what it is and I will explain why. First of all, everything you experience in life from pleasure to pain smells tastes sounds come into our bodies through various senses, but are experienced only when those senses are processed in the brain. This is why you can do damage to areas of your brain and lose sensations in the body, lose vision hearing etc. That hypothetical question, “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it still make a sound”? Well, no, because sound is only something perceived in the brain, the tree would fall and create vibrations that is it. Pain, physical and emotional are all just concepts in the brain the computer based on external sensations. This is how many pain medications work as well. They do not fix the pain; they block the brains perception of pain.

Perception makes the body do crazy thing

Think about a scary situation, for example, someone pulls a gun and points it at you. Obviously, you will be terrified and fear for your life. Now let’s say they pull the trigger and water shoots out, you might now start laughing or at least no longer be terrified. The physiology of your body completely changed based on a perceived threat, and when you perceived that threat to end you changed it again, even though the situation was ultimately the same. The signals we put into our body can completely change the experience we get and in effect change our world. Many believe including myself that we can change our life by changing the data that we put into our brain. I mean why not, we can change our bodies by changing our diet, we can change the type of house we build by changing materials we use, we can change the plants that we get depending on the seed we put into the ground.

Universal Energy

There is a universal energy that creates but what is created depends on the material that we use. That universal energy the one that is talked about all the time for “manifesting” is a neutral energy it can be used for good and for bad unfortunately and this is why sometimes it seems like nothing but bad luck seems to happen. What you think about what you focus on is what you create. If you supply yourself with the right thoughts then the right data will go in and the desired results will produce through the actions of this universal energy that is available to all of us all of the time. If you plant a seed in the soil and give it water and sunshine a plant will grow, you don’t have to teach it how, or hope or pray that it will grow. Just give it the materials and wait for the results. If the plant has not grown by the next day, we don’t think it failed, or the world is just out to get the plant or nothing every goes right for that plant. Of course, not we “KNOW” it will grow because you gave it the right stuff and things just take time. When you look around and wonder why things don’t seem right in the world or right for, you need to look for the lesson you are supposed to learn. If you look at what you do have now in your life, at one point it was still a wish unfulfilled.

Life is like a book

Life is like a book and if you randomly open it up to the middle of a chapter and start reading it won’t make sense there may be sadness or pain but it is just a point in the story and not the whole story. You can change your story at any time by just choosing to look at things differently and always focusing on the positive for yourself and other. So start downloading the life you want into your brain and see what a magnificent program it produces. This isn’t “ gosh I don’t know maybe if I try really hard…. “ If you do the work, and believe in the outcome you WILL get the result and if you haven’t yet then your story isn’t over.

“It is never to late to be who you might have been”
George Elliot