Thoughts are things too. We say we have a “gut feeling about something”, or we can ask someone “how are you?” They say fine but we know that they aren’t. There is body language of course, but sometimes we can just know things but how? While we tend to put a lot weight on words, the thoughts that you think are just as powerful if not more. People can lie with words so you can not always trust them. When my son was diagnosed with ADD I did not want to go the medication route so we tried neuro-feedback. It was really fascinating. They hooked his brain up to an EEG and then had him watch what was like a video game that he could control with his thoughts. He would have to focus on certain aspects to keep things going. When he quit focusing then the game would slow down or something would change until he would focus lets say on the red rocket instead of the blue. I mention this only because it shows how the energy of thought can control things. We think because we can not see them, that they are not real things….but you don’t doubt that your Wi-Fi is there if you are on your computer, or that energy is coming to your house if the lights are on when you are reading this. It’s there, it’s a thing, you just can not see it. So think about that when you think about things. Just like the energy and waves that come to your home to make things works your thought are also energy waves that can affect you and those around you, for good and for bad. Additionally, if your thoughts and your actions are not congruent this will lead to disharmony in the body and ultimately “disease”. Some of your thoughts that maybe are less desirable are not necessarily your fault you have been programmed, are being programmed but can also reprogram yourself at any time, just like your computer, just harness that energy. I can promise you, you were not born thinking you were fat, or not good at math, or that you will never get married, or get that job….those are things society, friends, family, (hopefully unintentionally) programmed you with. You may not have believed at first, but once you did that thought, that thought thing, started to create your reality as it is now. Hopefully all your thought things have been positive and your life is amazing right now and your are overflowing with love, opportunity, health and wealth. Just in case you are not….don’t be disappointed. Just as easily as you were programmed you can reprogram. You start by changing your thought about yourself, your situation, your health whatever…that is step one. But remember what I said about incongruence, what you say in your head and what you say out loud and how you act all have to match. You can not say that you love yourself and then do things to harm yourself. This means start changing your actions. Maybe start with one or two thoughts you want to change, what would be the ideal positive thought then what things could you do to demonstrate to yourself that this was true. Example of thought thing-“I am fat and I just can’t lose weight”. Ideal thought thing-“my body is perfect, my body has done some amazing things and I love it, I am in complete control of my body, I am healthy and can easily achieve my ideal body goals”. Now action-you can not change over night but you can change one thing today-action-today I will not have my Starbucks Frappuccino and will eat mostly plants. Taking the step, using the right thoughts will make you start to believe, and once you start believe anything can be accomplished. As Manly P Hall says “believing is the secret”. That is what it is all about, believing, not wishing, hoping, wanting or praying, its is believing and then your subconscious gets programmed and you conscious has no option but to take actions. So start today, you have nothing to lose other than bad thought things!

With Love
Dr. Stefanie Maass PhD, ENP-S,FNP, NREMT, FAARM, SC-C