Sound healing….what is that? There was a time not too terribly long ago when we used other modalities to heal our bodies and didn’t just reach for the convenience of the latest greatest drug with a 1000 side effects. In fact, when we treat the body properly it have this amazing ability to heal itself.

That is why when you you cut yourself, you will heal no intervention needed. If you break a bone they will heal on their own, if they are displaced it’s a good idea to line them up and if shattered you might need a little help but amazingly the body instinctively knows what to do. It was until we started messing around with nature that we need all these “drugs” to “fix things” but do we really? Disease, break that word down, dis-ease, it is something causing that natural flow of your body to not function properly. We often think of the disease or dis-ease and the cause of our problems but in reality it is the effect. The cause is something we did probably 90% of the the time. Even situations that seem random and out of our control usually has something deeper to do with us. For example anxiety and or depression, well that is just a chemical imbalance in the brain right? Maybe but also blood sugar abnormalities and thyroid problems can mimic those conditions and can living in the past (depression) or worrying about the future (anxiety) versus living today…but I digress how can sound healing help this. Well your body as you may already know is made up of trillion of, that right vibrating cells. You are in constant movement even when you are sitting still. What many holistic practitioner believe is that the root of disease whether physical or mental happen when you your vibratory patterns get stuck or out of balance and creates a blockage or lack of coherence. Imagine playing your favorite record as a kid (if you are old enough to remember that like me) and there is a scratch and it keeps getting stuck in the same spot. Or if you ever rode your bike as a kid and somehow (if you were graceful like me) got your foot caught in the spokes. Everything is going along smoothly and then chaos. That is your body and often time the type of ailment injury or illness you get represent something deeper than just what you think it is. Skin stuff…that is almost always you holding things in…thoughts, words, emotions. It stuff that wants out needs out so it comes out on your skin. Liver problems, anger all day, many people will eat excess sugar or drink excess alcohol because it “relaxes them or makes them happy” subduing the anger only temporarily and then further hurting the liver.

How does sound healing work?

Asthma…stress, worry, anxiety you internally over respond to things. But can this be fixed without drugs….I believe many times it can, but if you are currently on medications I’m not saying dump your meds and buy tuning forks or sound bowls, but incorporating some more natural modalities might help give you some synergistic benefits so that maybe you could consider a transition off pharma at some point. So how can the sound therapy work? The body has what has been called a biofield which is a bio magnetic energy field that emanates from the body similar in design to a torus and extends about 5 feet around you and 3 ft above the head and below the feet. This bio magnetic field contains the summary of all of our memories embedded as energy. When there is a pathological memory (physical, mental, emotional)the oscillations will disrupt like noise in a signal or a scratch in a record like mentioned above. This then causes a breakdown in the order structure and and function of physiology which can manifest a dis-ease. The biofield can be tuned with a variety of methods. My preferred are tuning forks and sound bowls. Sounds in general but specifically tuning forks heal by producing frequencies that can detect and treat distortions in the bio magnetic energy field. This may sound far fetched to you if you have not looked into this previously, but considering every single thing in our universe is a vibration at various frequency doesn’t it seem logical if that “thing is broken” ie you, fixing the energy or frequency might be the answer and not a chemical. Just a thought….which by the way is also energy so be careful wit those and even more careful with words!

Thank for reading!

With Love
Dr. Stefanie Maass PhD, ENP-C,FNP-C, NREMT, FAARM, SC-C