Fallacy of Cure. Higher medical practice has looked at illness and disease as something that needs to be attacked. We use drugs we use knives and machines all to combat this thing that we feel has taken over or possessed our body and needs to be removed with some sort of violent means. Are we mounting all this ammunition against a fictional entity called disease or on our body itself?

Modern Technology

I love a quote by Dr. Oswald “In the tragedy of errors, called the history of the human race. Ignorance has often done as much mischief as sin.” I feel much of this statement is true in regard to modern medicine today. Hear me out on this one I am conventionally trained as well as alternative so I’m by no means bashing conventional medicine. If you are in an acute situation or accident, such as my accident last year, a big hospital in a big city in America is the place to be. We have the best technology and the best clinicians and best resources. What I am talking about is how we handle chronic disease in this country, why do we even have chronic disease…. that shouldn’t even be a thing!!!

Artificial Fixes

Primitive man’s reaction to a sickness, fever, pain was certainly one of fear and dread. He didn’t know where it came from, he didn’t know what caused it. He knew he was uncomfortable that he was suffering and that he would very likely die so understandably disease was thought of as an evil something that needed to be destroyed or removed. So, actions were taken to make this happen limbs were cut off, purgatives givens, blood drained anything to rid this evil. But this was the external reaction of the body. For every action there’s a reaction for every cause there’s an effect. External symptoms are the restorative process that cannot be ended until the cause is removed. You can try to break up sickness you can try to cut out an infection but unless you find the source it will simply come back. If you are tired you don’t need more coffee, does coffee make you feel better… yes is that what you need… no! If your muscles are sore, you do not need ibuprofen! Will that make you feel better… yes, does that fix the problem…. No! These are simple seemingly benign instances of how we treat our bodies throughout the day but when it starts to get more serious that is when we start to develop chronic health conditions. If your blood sugar is chronically elevated, you do not need metformin you do not need insulin you need to get your blood sugar under control. Artificially fixing is not fixing the problem and by artificially band aiding your symptoms you’re creating a cascade of more chronic conditions.

How Resilient is the Body?

Fortunately, or unfortunately however you want to look at it the body is very resilient, and it will “seem fine” and “keep going” until one day it can’t. So now when your cholesterol is elevated even on a statin when your blood sugar is up even on oral medications when your HBA1C is up when your liver enzymes are elevated this isn’t the beginning of a problem this is the beginning of the end. Once your body can’t compensate anymore and you given it more potion with a fake fix, then it’s going to start to break down. As much as you don’t want to hear it almost all the health problems that we face are of our own doing. Its diet, exercise, sunshine, positive social interactions and positive mental attitude. I love it when I hear it’s my genetics…. I’m sorry, no it’s not. Now your parents might have eaten and lived a certain way and your grandparents and so on and so on so therefore you’ve been passed down the bad habits, but it’s not your genetics. You don’t have some weird anomaly that makes your body different from the rest. Are there a few genetic anomalies, yes…I’m not talking to you. I am talking to the majority. The average person who’s got high blood pressure, that has high blood sugar, that has high cholesterol, and is taking a bunch of medications to” keep it under control”. All those numbers that are elevated are the result of choices that you have made, and the problem has not gone away with meds. Your body is trying to balance itself out when your blood sugar is elevated that’s because the sugar is out of places to go. Your liver is filled up, your muscle cells are filled up, your fat cells are getting bigger and multiplying trying to make more room and it’s just pouring over into your blood, even out in your urine. Now too much sugar causes irritation to your blood vessels. If you’ve ever eaten so much candy that your mouth hurts you know what I’m talking about sugar is very irritating, so your blood vessels need some repair…cholesterol to save the day….it’s like spackle filling in holes. Cholesterol is the repair but if you keep making holes the cholesterol builds up then your vessel narrows because it inflamed from the sugar and has too much spackle. So now your blood is trying to push through these blood vessels that have too much sugar that are trying to get repaired with cholesterol and it’s pushing harder and harder and harder, so your blood pressure goes up! But now you have meds, you’ve fixed all these numbers, but your problem is still there you’re slowly killing yourself. You think you have found the magic cure in the pill because “you feel fine”. The body is resilient, you don’t have abnormal vital signs you don’t have abnormal labs what you have is your body’s response to what you have done to it and its trying to let you know. Now it’s one thing when you didn’t know this an information. So back to ignorance being worse than sin….in the words of Busta Rhymes….” if you don’t know…now you know”.