Be the Light, not just a Lamp!

Are you the light or just a lamp….? We all have the potential to light up a room, we all have access to that energy! (Oh boy here she goes with the woo woo stuff again). Imagine you are a lamp sitting in a house looking around at all these other lamps. They all have these warm glowing lights!! People want to sit next to them, read by them or other productive things. They are useful, functional, they are getting rid of darkness, and here you are just a lamp, no light. Then on day you look down and notice you have a plug. What is that for? You look at the wall, you see an outlet, an outlet which you suspect is source of energy. Then one day someone comes along and plugs you in to that outlet. Suddenly you have access to all that energy! Your light does not dim the other lamps there is plenty of light and energy for all of you and collectively you and the other lamps can brighten the entire room. You had that energy all along, it was always with you, you just needed plugged in. Now unfortunately in this world, no one can really plug you in it is something you must do yourself. (However, I am attempting to plug in anyone that reads this). The outcome will be same though. You will have limitless energy and power once you plug in. Sadly, there is much propaganda and negativity trying to keep us divided because if we are all plugged into our potential and use it in a positive way, collectively we can brighten up the whole world. One little match can light up a dark room enough to see. We all have all the power all the time to eliminate all the darkness and evil in the world. Sounds so Polly Anna, right? So then how do you do that because we all want a better world…. Well, there are many paths to this. The one I follow is the Dharma wheel or the Noble 8-fold path, so I will give this example just as a guideline.

The 8 paths to follow are

1.Right View
2. Right Intention
3. Right speech
4. Right Action
5. Right Livelihood
6. Right Effort
7. Right Mindfulness
8. Right Concentration

Be The Light Code of Conduct

This is basically ethical conduct, mental discipline so not just doing the right things but also thinking the right things and the wisdom that will follow. It a practice, it’s something to strive for that’s can only make you a better person. Sometimes doing the right thing is not always the easy thing but this will plug you into the light and give you strength especially in a day and age where truth seekers are often locked up shut up or other things…. Put the light always wins and, in our core, we know what the right things are to do. So, plug yourself in, look around and see if things look a little different because things often look different in the light than in the dark. If you have been sitting in the dark and just aren’t sure one litmus test for this, are you so strong in you belief that you cannot consider another option…. lightness can see other possibilities and will listen to other opinions even if they don’t agree. Darkness you can not see anything your just stuck with yourself.

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Thanks for reading!
Stefanie Maass PhD,ENP-C, FNP-C, NREMT, FAARM