Many patients come in asking about threads and fillers and want to know which one they should choose. They two are very different and address different concerns but first lets review what these are for those that are not in the know yet.

Threads…aka Polidioxanone (PDO) threads are biodegradable sutures most commonly used to lift and or tighten sagging skin. There are several different types but by far the most popular are the “barbs”. The barbs are these hair-like sutures with tiny little projections on them. They are inserted into the skin using a cannula and then when activated the little projections grab on to the tissue which can then be lifted and pulled back. There are other types of threads such as smooth and twist which can add modest amounts of volume to fine lines and stimulate collagen but not to the degree the fillers do. So then there are “fillers” aka Dermal Fillers. There are several different brands, types, and viscosities. Some of the more popular ones are Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse, and Sculptra. All the deramal fillers are designed to restore volume in areas of the body (most commonly the face but also buttocks, hands even earlobes) where there has been an undesirable loss of fat or tissue or there is a desired augmentation in that area. But restoring volume you often get a synergistic lifting effect because the skin that essentially like a deflated balloon is now fuller and skin appears tighter. The threads are able to lift when volume is not desired but will not add significant volume to the area being treated. Fillers can add volume and in doing so lift but over-volumizing an area can give that fluffy face look that may appear tight and lifted but is NOT youthful so you need to be careful not over do fillers. A favorite filler of mine is actually Sculptra. Sculptra is poly-lactic acid and is the only “true biostimulator”. What that means is that the product is a powder it is mixed with water and reinjected into the face in the areas where you desire more volume and it stimulates your OWN production of new collagen. Its not instant gratification which is not that big of a deal unless you have an event. However, in the building of your own collagen it also improves the look of your skin.

So there you go! Dermal filler vs Threads if you have more questions don’t hesitate to reach out.