Many of you may already know that we have recently added surgical hair restoration to our menu list in addition to our non surgical treatment options such as hormone balancing and others. What you may not know is that one of my many jobs I had in college a million years ago was a surgical hair restoration tech. This is of course what interested me in adding this. Back then in the ice age we did it the old school strip method which although is still used today and is effective, the technology have come a long way and more commonly is done via follicle unit extraction. What that means is that instead of taking a big chunk of your scalp and then cutting the hairs out to implant we have an FDA approved machine (called NeoGraft) that removes individual follicles leaving the surround tissue in tact. It’s minimally invasive, very little down time and virtually painless. Sooo being that I like to try everything on myself before I do it on a patient I decided to have this done myself so I could in fact speak from experience! Several years ago we had a pretty bad accident that caused a significant hair shed on myself that I didn’t fully recover from and just had a thinning spot on the top of my scalp that was still there. There was significant improvement with the technique and compounded minoxidil with progesterone I prescribe at the office but still…..Any way I can honestly say the procedure was not painful at all at I am typing this 1 day post procedure. I only did about 750 grafts and it only took a couple hours. Obviously if you have significant thinning your procedure will be longer and may take more than one procedure but I am so happy I had it done and can not believe how great I feel and I have not taken any pain medication. If you would like to schedule a consult or come in and look at my scalp feel free to call the office or email me directly

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