Now available. Micro fat and nano fat transfer procedures used to treat facial volume loss, skin rejuvenation and hair restoration! Microfat and Nanofat are terms used to describe different fat particle size. The two particle sizes are harvested and purified similarly with similar tools. The purified fat is then sized down based on aesthetic goals.

The minimally invasive procedure is performed through a tiny incision leaving minimal to no signs of alteration. A blunt tip cannula (not a needle) is used to disperse tumescent fluid which elevates the fat from the subcutaneous plane (just below the skin). The fat is then harvested with the same instrument. Once an adequate amount of fat has been harvested, it is then purified down utilizing products from the “Gold Standard” community. Your own fat can also be combined with your plasma for an even greater effect on skin rejuvenation. This is a natural treatment option utilizing your body’s own tissue versus synthetic fillers. Studies have shown longer lasting results, significantly improved skin texture, color, and dermal thickening giving your skin a more youthful appearance. Additionally, there is a significant cost savings as the amount of fat that can be harvested for reinjection is equivalent to 10-15 syringes of filler! With this amount of volume, a treatment can consist of full face augmentation and rejuvenation using your own tissue. Studies have also show that fat injections into the scalp will stop and/or slow hair loss while significantly improving hair growth and follicle thickness. Think of you hair as grass and fat is the soil and fertilizer. Often, the reason for hair loss is the lack of substrate to nourish the follicle which helps it grow.

But what if you are super lean, or you just want a little rejuvenation not full face augmentation, or maybe just want to enhance your hair growth….do you really need to go through this fat transfer procedure or is there another option? Actually there finally is, which being extremely lean myself I am very excited about! Renuva is a revolutionary injectable by MTF Biologics. When Renuva is injected into a subcutaneous space it will be replaced by your bodies own fat. That is right, its a bio-stimulator for your own fat (at least in small areas). Renuva is an off the shelf allograft adipose matrix processed to preserve the inherent matrix of the adipose tissue. This allograft serves as the framework to support the fat repopulation at the site of injection. It also contains all the growth factors and protein component found in adipose tissues that are responsible for improving the skins overall appearance!

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