New year and new opportunity for healing with Gypsy Horses. This is something totally new and different that I am doing on a very limited level. This is a healing opportunity that will allow you to work on whatever it is that you want to work on physically, spiritually, emotionally….I call it walking with Gypsies because that will be much of what we do. Each session will be approximately 3 hours and will begin with you coming to my barn and meeting our Gypsies and one of them will select you. We then we will venture on a walk/hike with you leading your Gypsy horse bond partner for the afternoon. During our walk we will discuss whatever topics you feel like you need the most help with. These can include health goals and/or struggles, life purpose, career, emotional etc. At the end we will review over tea and healthy snack or meal and a written summary with action steps will be sent to you within a week.

Why Gypsy Horses and Why Me?

Horses have a special bond with humans I feel like they were a gift from the universe to help humans in so many aspects but most importantly to spiritually evolve. Horses have a desire to be with humans unlike any other prey or possible even predator animal apart from dogs, but not just any human, they can read you energy and I believe even our thoughts and their interaction with you will reflect that. Horses are very special in that that accept you based in what you are on the inside they don’t care what color, size or sex you are. They also help us stay present. Unlike us, horse do not hold grudges, reminisce about the past, ponder or fret about the future I don’t think they even have a concept of time just what is right now. They are a great balancer for someone that has gotten lost and is trying to remember who they were or who they want to be by simply helping you redirect to the now. There is ongoing research on demonstrating that interacting with horses improves health and well-being and can help individuals with numerous physical and mental health conditions, from children living with motor and mental disabilities to adults struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Wounded Header

My role in this is as a Carl Jung might say is as a “wounded healer”. My desire to help other has been with me for as long as I can remember, but through my own tumultuous life struggles I have found stability and peace with horses because they were always my constant. That integrated with the beauty and healing power of nature, physical exercise and fresh air, I have found by best “a ha’s” or resolution to a problem, or the beginning of a solution on my walks with my horses. I have pursued my desire to help other through my conventional Nurse Practitioner training but more through my PhD in Natural Health and becoming a spiritual guide and minster. So, will I and your horse bonded partner for the day solve all your problems? Of course not, honestly only you can. What we will do is hello direct you to the answers you already have inside you. We will clear your mind from the distractions of daily life so that you can think clear. There are so many stimulants in out society now that we don’t have time to focus and think on what is important. I hope that you will join me for a Walk with the Gypsies to schedule your time please sign up below.

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“Horses carry the Wisdom of Healing in their hearts and offer it to any humans who possess the Humility to listen”